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Animal quarantine in the USA or in any country is a necessary practice, following strict rules and regulations. The Government of the United States strongly opposes the import of livestock and pets that are infected with diseases. To prevent the spread of those exotic diseases that animals might be infected with, animal quarantine is applied.

The government doesn’t allow entry of infectious livestock, no matter what. The health of human beings is utterly important for the socio-economic development of a country that cannot be risked. We care about your pet and therefore we ensure that all the necessary documentation for your pet is provided, taking into consideration the legal aspects for zero hassle-free pet shipping.

Pet shipping isn’t easy but we make sure that you don’t suffer and we deliver the best services for your pet. We at Swift Haul Logistics are here to help you out with the documentation and a hassle-free custom procedure to provide you with the best pet transport services. The health aspect is what makes the documentation so lengthy and inconvenient. Our experienced team is there to assist you with every step of the paperwork involved so that you don’t face any obstacles while transferring your pet. With quarantine stations in the metros in the USA, there is absolutely no trouble that you would face, with us by your side. 

We specialize in providing hassle-free animal quarantine for your beloved pet because we know how much your pet means to you. So, choose us when it comes to choosing the best pet transport services for your beloved pet.


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